Management Board


Composition of KEGOC Management Board:

Members of the Management Board:

Report on KEGOC's Management Board Activities in 2017

In 2017 KEGOC's Management Board held 29 meetings and reviewed 229 issues. In addition to the issues related to the competence of KEGOC's Board of Directors and pre-reviewed by the Management Board, the Management Board made some key decisions to:

- approve 17 internal documents and amend 22 internal documents of the Company;

- review the progress reports of the Risk Committee its performance assessment in 2016, and approve the action plan of the Risk Committee for 2017;

The Management Board reviewed and submitted for approval to the Board of Directors the following reports: 

- KEGOC's Annual Report 2016;

- risk report for 2016;

- KEGOC's occupational health and safety report for 2016;

- KEGOC's 2016-2020 Development Plan progress report for 2016;

- on approval of the annual financial statements, proposal to pay dividends on ordinary shares and approve the amount of dividends per ordinary share of KEGOC for 2016;

- report on management of branches, affiliates and jointly-controlled entities, and impact of the financial and economic performance of branches, affiliates and jointly-controlled entities on KEGOC's performance in 2016.

- KEGOC's talent pool report for 2016;

- major investment projects progress report for 2016;

- progress report for 2016 on the action plan to improve corporate governance and implementation of the Corporate Governance Code of KEGOC for 2016-2020;

- on pre-approval of the annual financial statements of Financial Settlement Centre for Renewable Energy Sources Support for 2016 and submission of it for approval to the Board of Approval;

- KEGOC's 2017-2021 Development Plan progress report for Q1 2017;

- on preliminarily review of Energoinform's annual financial statements for 2016;

- on pre-approval of KEGOC's interim financial statements as of and for three months ended on 31 March 2017;

- risk report for Q1 2017;

- health and safety reports of KEGOC;

- on preliminary approval of the interim financial statements and proposal to pay of dividends on ordinary shares including the amount of the dividends per one ordinary share of KEGOC for H1 2017.

- progress report for KEGOC's Development Plan (business plan) for 2017-2021;

- reports on executed material transactions and non-arm's length transactions.

In order to preliminarily review, take collegial decisions and prepare recommendations on the supervised issues to KEGOC's Management Board, the Company established the the following advisory bodies: 

Investment Committee,

Risk Committee,

Budget Committee,

Human Resources Development Committee, 

Debtors and Creditors Committee,

Inventory Committee.

Sponsorship and Charity 

In 2016 KEGOC did not carry out sponsorship and charity activities.

Decision No. 126 dated 28 January 2016 of the Board of Directors of Samruk-Kazyna (hereinafter the Fund) approved the Fund's Charity Policy and the Fund's Charitable Program. 

Under the new Charity Policy of the Fund, all charitable activity of the Fund's group of companies is carried out by the Fund of social projects development Samruk-Kazyna Trust, which implements socially meaningful projects through a competitive selection process.