“Reconstruction of 220 kV overhead transmission line TsGPP SS – Ossakarovka SS”


Project goal:

Improve reliability of power supply to the Astana consumers and meet the growing electricity demand of the city and newly constructed facilities in the industrial zone of Astana.

Project implementation period: 2010-2014

Project estimated cost KZT 4.1 billion (USD 12 million of IBRD).

Key project components:

Project implementation is divided into two phases.

Phase I – Rehabilitation of 500 kV TsGPP SS including replacement of two 125 MVA АТs 220/110/10 kV with two 250 MVA АТs.

Phase II – Rehabilitation of double circuit 220 kV overhead transmission line (OHTL) TsGPP – Ossakarovka (118.7 km)

Project status:

Phase I

The 125 MVA autotransformers at 500 kV TsGPP SS have been replaced with 250 MVA autotransformers and the state acceptance commission issued the respective acceptance certificate on 15 July 2013.

Phase II


Construction and installation works for rehabilitation of 220 kV OHTL TsGPP SS - Ossakarovka SS are completed.  The constructed project into operation was accepted.