Compliance Officer


        The institute of Compliance Officer in KEGOC JSC (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’) was established as part of initiatives, measures and actions taken by the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Management Board of the Company to:

1) ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and best international practices including anti-corruption issues;

2) establish the Company's internal corporate culture, which ensures transparency and honesty among all employees and creates conditions for making business in accordance with the best international standards, internal policies and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

The Compliance Officer operates in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter, the Collective Agreement, the Code of Conduct (business ethics code), the Corporate Governance Code, the Regulation on the Compliance Officer of KEGOC, and other internal documents of the Company.

The Compliance Officer is accountable to the Audit Committee and Board of Directors of the Company, is independent from the Management Board of the Company and has powers and resources necessary for performance of his/her duties.


The temporary acting Compliance Officer of KEGOC is Ertay Ramazanov, tel. +7 (7172) 690-605. You can report any violations of the Code of Conduct, including corruption, discrimination, unethical behavior and other violations, to the hotline.Appeals can be provided by all persons in Russian, Kazakh and English through the following communication channels:

·  by phone 8-800-080-4747. (The call within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is free); or

·  To; or

·  via the internet web site; or

·  via WhatsApp 8-771-191-88-16


       The hotline operates 24 hours a day without a day off. Telephone calls are accepted by the operator from 9:00AM to 6:00PM from Monday to Friday. The rest of the time (including holidays/weekends), telephone calls are sent to an answering machine with the ability to record calls. The requests received in rest time are processed on the first working day after receiving the request.

Regulations on the Compliance Officer of KEGOC

Code of Conduct (Business Ethics Code) of KEGOC

Policy of Initiative Informing in KEGOC JSC

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud Policy of KEGOC

Conflict of Interest Settlement Policy of KEGOC