Management Board


«2019 Performance report of the Management Board of KEGOC 

In 2019, the Management Board of KEGOC held 31 meetings to consider 239 issues. In addition to issues within the competence of the Board of Directors of KEGOC to be previously reviewed by the Management Board, the Management Board made some key decisions as follows: 

- approve 53 and amend 3 internal documents of the Company; 

- review the performance reports of the Risk Committee and the results of the evaluation of the Risk Committee for 2018, and approve the Work Plan of the Risk Committee for 2019.».

Composition of KEGOC Management Board:

Members of the Management Board:


Report on KEGOC's Management Board Activities in 2018

In 2018 KEGOC's Management Board held 29 meetings and reviewed 243 issues, including:

- approved and amended the internal documents elaborated to organize the Company's activities;

- some issues of implementation of the Business Transformation Programme;

- decisions on conclusion of transactions;

- Risk Committee operations;

- human resources management;

- other. 


In order to preliminarily review, take collegial decisions and prepare recommendations on the supervised issues to KEGOC's Management Board, the Company established the following advisory bodies: 

Investment Committee,

Risk Committee,

Budget Committee,

Human Resources Development Committee, 

Debtors and Creditors Committee,

Inventory Committee.