27 towers collapse prevented at the 1150 kV Ekibastuz-Barnaul cross-border transmission line


On 17 September during an inspection of the L1104 line that crosses the Lebyazhinskiy region in Pavlodar Oblast, the Company’s specialists found out that anchor units had been stolen from 27 guyed towers. A 40-metre 20-tonne steel tower can collapse because of the wind if an anchor unit that shall secure the structural stability of a steel tower is missing or loose.Currently the work is ongoing to eliminate the threat of towers collapse at the cross-border transit line between Kazakhstan and Russia. The personnel of Severnye MES Branch of KEGOC perform the emergency and recovery work on the site.  In 2012 it is not the first time the metal components are stolen by unidentified persons in the Pavlodar Oblast for the purpose of scrap metal reselling.