KEGOC joint-stock company announces the on-line ascending- price auction for the share of EnergoInform JSC in the equity of KazEnergoProvod LLP amounting to 49.9% (hereinafter - the Asset). The auction will be conducted on the web-portal of the Public Property Register


The Asset sale will be effected in accordance with the Unified Rules for sale of assets and facilities by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Samruk-Kazyna joint-stock company and organisations of which fifty or more per cent of voting shares (participation quota) directly or indirectly are owned by Samruk-Kazyna under the right of ownership or trust management (hereinafter - the Unified Rules), and the Regulations on the on-line auctions for sale of the property on the web-portal of the Public Property Register (hereinafter - the Regulations).    


The time of application submission and receipt shall start on the day of the auction announcement on the web-portal.


Information about the Asset


of the Asset
Owner Type of 
Location Start 
deposit, KZT
Date of
 the auction
1. 49.9 % in the
equity of 
vod LLP
and sale of 
of ACSR type
St., city of 
Semei, East-
 Republic of
One hundred 
and sixty-one 
million five 
hundred and 
ten thousand
hundred and 
twenty tenge
(KZT 161,510,
Twenty four 
million two 
hundred and
 thousand six 
hundred and
 eight tenge 
(KZT 24,226,
5% of 
the cost
of the



The auction participants shall register on the web-portal of the Register starting on the day of the announcement on the web-portal. The registration ends two hours prior to the auction beginning.


The security deposit shall be made to the account of the Information and Accounting Centre: Business identification number (BIN): 050540004455, BIC: KZKOKZKX, IIC: KZ529261501102032004, Kazkommertsbank JSC.


Purpose of payment: the security deposit to participate in the on-line auction (the amount of the security deposit does not include bank charges).


In order to ensure timely transfer of the security deposits to the account of the Information and Accounting Centre, it is recommended that the security deposit is paid not later than three days before the application submission closes.


A bank guarantee will not be accepted as a security deposit.


The auction participants can transfer any number of security deposits, but each security deposit shall only be used for purchase of the unit that the participant made this deposit for.


The auction results for each of the sold unit shall be recorded in the electronic report on the auction results, which shall be signed by the seller and the winner on the web-portal on the day of the auction using digital signatures.


The electronic report on the auction results is the document that shall specify the results of the auction and obligations of the winner and the seller to sign the draft standard agreement for purchase and sale of the unit at the offered price, generated on the web-portal of the Register.


The purchase and sale agreement shall be concluded with the winner not later than ten calendar days after summarising the auction results by the web-portal of the Register.


The procedure for the On-line auction, the procedure for participation in the Auction and the procedure for determining the Winner can be found in the Unified Rules and the Regulations, which are published on the web-sites of Samruk-Kazyna, Samruk-Kazyna Contract LLP and Information and Accounting Centre JSC (the list of the required documents is given in the mentioned documents).


The additional information on the on-line auction and the details of the above mentioned Assets (including bank details, productive and economic specifications, characteristics and the ways of obtaining the access to the Asset data base, the procedure for requesting the documents for the Asset and the form of application to participate in the auction) can be found on the web-site or requested by phone: 8 (7172) 309-824 ext. 211 (Information and Accounting Centre JSC) and 8 (7172) 693556 (A. Toibayev, EnergoInform JSC).