The Chairman of the Management Board of KEGOC held a press-conference at the Central Communications Service


The Central Communications Service held press conference titled ‘Current Issues in Power Industry Development’ with the speech by Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, KEGOC’s Chairman of Management Board.

As KEGOC’s head noted speaking before mass media representatives, President’s Address to Kazakhstan people ‘Third Modernization in Kazakhstan: Global Compatibility’ defined the acceleration of economy technological modernization as a top priority.

- Clearly, the economy modernization and development are impossible without a high-technology energy infrastructure. In this regard, as a head of KEGOC, Kazakhstan’s Unified Power System operator, I would like to talk about some current issues in power industry development’, said Bakytzhan Kazhiyev.

Currently the power industry is influenced by ever-increasing requirements for power supply reliability and quality, interest of stakeholders (shareholders, legislators, regulators, consumers, public and environmental organizations) in energy companies performance, as well as growing power facilities environmental and industrial safety requirements.

Based on the above, the power industry faces current challenges including, among others, the ensuring of power system reliability with a rising number of unstable solar and wind power plants. Meanwhile, it should be noted that each year the requirements are increasing for establishing the power quality control system taking into account growing requirements for power supply quality.

KEGOC’s head noted one more important development area for Kazakhstan power industry, which is directly connected with performance of Kazakhstan President’s Address at the beginning of this year, namely the importance of using advanced digital technologies to accelerate country’s economy technological modernization. This challenge requires new approaches and technologies in power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.

Mr Kazhiev noted that ‘such technologies are emerging, and as we see, these are no longer isolated technologies in different energy sectors, but a single Smart Grid technology based on the use of modern digital tools." 

Therefore, KEGOC has been working in this direction for more than ten years as part of investment projects: the smart power system elements are already being implemented in the National Power Grid. In particular, these are microprocessor-based relay protection devices, SCADA dispatch control system, Commercial Metering System (CMS), fiber-optic communication lines, controlled shunt reactors and phase shifting transformer.

At present,KEGOC hasstarted to implement the Kazakhstan UPS operation mode control project. This involves a wide application of digital technologies and includes three components: implementation of control system based on synchrophasor technologies (WAMS/WACS), automation of frequency and power control, and centralization of the emergency automation system.

The entire project implementation will be effective in terms of possible additional loading of electric networks by up to 10%, twofold reduction in power system imbalances and decrease in consumer outages in case of technological violations up to 25%.

In conclusion, Mr Kazhiev said that the task to implement the smart power system is not limited to the UPS framework.

- The intended objective to establish the smart power system is not possible without entire power system modernization from generation to end users. The high-efficient and technologically advanced smart power system in Kazakhstan will improve not only the power system reliability, but also people’s life quality and bring benefit from the countries’ advantages and meet new challenges", highlighted KEGOC’s Chairman of Management Board.