The information day of KEGOC selects the most significant transformation project


KEGOC held an information day to present the progress of the Business Transformation Programme is a no-ordinary format: a unique talk show of the Transformation projects sponsors and online voting of the audience to select the most significant of them. 

The event was attended by the Chairman of the Board of KEGOC, Bakytzhan Kazhiev, and the top management of the company, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of KEGOC, Almasadam Satkaliyev, Managing Director for Transformation, Restructuring and Privatization of Samruk-Kazyna, Nurlan Rakhmetov, management and members of the Central Transformation Team of Samruk Kazyna, representatives of the national companies:  KazakhstanTemirzholy, KazMunayGaz , KazAtomProm, KazPost,  Samruk Energy and employees of the company and its subsidiaries. Nine regional branches of KEGOC were connected to the event in real time via video conference. 

Nurlan Rakhmetov in his welcoming speech noted the achievements and leadership of KEGOC: “KEGOC is confidently moving forward. Your shares are listed on the stock exchange which is another confirmation of a mature and self-confident company, ready to go ahead and set big goals for itself. And even the ambitious transformation programme of KEGOC has shown a steady achievement progress of 100 percent. None of the portfolio companies has been as successful. This is largely due to the employees focused on results, and effective management, that guides the team. I wish the company all the success!” 

The benefits and the results of the six transformation projects were debated during the talk show of the project sponsors: Aibek Botabekov (Enterprise Processes), Nurlan Mukhanov (Category Procurement Management), Tolegen Safuani (Target Information Security Model), Anuar Abdugaliyev (Fiber Optic Communication Lines for Data Transmission), Mukhtar Bekenov (System Services Improvement) and Askerbek Kuanyshbaev (WACS / WAMS project). To win the votes of the audience, a speaker had to present all the necessary information about their projects in as little as 3 minutes. To make the presentation more exciting other speakers were allowed to challenge the project sponsor with some difficult questions and thus disclosure the weak sides of the project. 

The total number of votes was about 6,000 people. After the debates, the nomination of the most significant transformation project for KEGOC was given by the audience to the System Services Improvement project, which launched the Billing Information System in KEGOC in January this year. It received more than 31% votes.

KEGOC's billing system can be considered as unique judging by the scale of the implemented changes. It has automated the data input into the client settlement system connected to about 260 power market participants, who now will have access through the User Account to consumption data, current information on contracts, accruals and payments, information for the billing period, etc. Also this billing system is expected to reduce the courier (document delivery) expenses by 50%, the annual communication expenses, by 15%, and mitigate the risks of human error, reduce the time of balance formation and preparation of analytical reports.

The Chief of Staff, Bolatbek Omarov, made a report on the development of corporate culture. He spoke about the impact of corporate culture on KEGOC's performance. Over the 20 years of the Company build a strong corporate culture, which the contributed to high productivity and robust corporate governance, the company's achiement of the leading position in the social stability index and staff involvement in Fund's portfolio of the companies. 

KEGOC was one of the first portfolio companies that would launch the project back in the end of 2017, at the initiative of Samruk-Kazyna.  It gave the company a fresh look at a corporate culture, formalized the corporate values and gave the vision of its future development goals. The Roadmap of the project until 2020 has outlined specific areas for improving the corporate culture and steps to achieve the target model.

An example of unprecedented sponsorship engagement and commitment was demonstrated at “Botabekoff-Shash Off” part of the show. On the stage in front of all the public, the Managing Director for Finance and Accounting, Aibek Botabekov, shaved his head,  to keep the promise made on the previous information day: to shave his head, if the basic SAP functionality had been implemented in the Company by the end of 2018. 

On 3 January 2019, the basic SAP ERP for 11 business areas was completed. It was expected to improve the efficiency, transparency and quality of operating and other activities of the company, reduce the number of the routine operations and ris of human error, prompt reporting and data analysis. In addition, the new business processes model will influence the quality of managerial decision-making at KEGOC, and will also promote the development of the continuous improvement culture and form the 'centre of competence' by engaging the company's employees who will support further sustainable development. 

At the same time, it is expected that the work of the first stage of the project will be the basis for the development of automation in KEGOC cover the advanced business processes by the end of 2019.

The program culminated with the results of ‘I’ve put my hard hat on, Boss!” flash mob contest, announced for the employees a week before the event.  The company's employees made and published on social networks more than 180 publications with photos and videos on the theme of the contest with the unusual scenes, creative production, special effects, dedication and commitment to corporate values and operational safety. This contributed to a unique festive atmosphere and once again demonstrated the strength of the corporate spirit and the cohesion of the KEGOC's team.  

KEGOC holds information days annually and consider them an essential tool of  communication between the management and company employees. Communication of the current progress and future plans ensure the involvement of all interested parties of the Transformation Programme and its effective implementation.