Information message on the restoration of power supply in Kostanay region


On 7 April 2020 about 09:00 AM a sharp deterioration of weather conditions was recorded in Kostanai and Akmola oblasts. A strong blizzard and a hurricane wind, with gusts of up to 37 m/s, led to a lot of shutdowns in electric power system, including transmission lines of KEGOC.

For instance, in the period from 9:46 AM till 6:59 PM, six (6) 500 kV transmission lines were shutdown, including two (2) interregional lines connected to the energy system of Russia and two (2) 1150 kV lines. Five (5) shutdown 500 kV transmission lines connected Kostanai oblast with the unified power system of Kazakhstan. Also, eight (8) 220 kV transmission lines were shutdown during the day.

For that reason, the majority of consumers of Kostanai oblast, including the cities of Kostanai, Rudny and Lissakovsk, were left without electricity. 

Due to the severe weather conditions, as well as rain and snow the fell earlier in the region, the maintenance crews could not quickly assess the damage to the overhead lines even by off-road vehicles. 

However, according to preliminary data, 42 towers of the high-voltage lines of the company have collapsed and there are many wire breaks. 

 The assessment of the line condition continues.

“At the moment, KEGOC has restored the work of two out of six disconnected 500 kV transmission lines and six out of eight disconnected 220 kV  transmission lines. The work of 220 kV OHTL Sokol – Zarechnaya – Tsentralnaya – Kostanai line has also been restored. Thus, all electricity transmission constrains in KEGOC's networks were fixed to fully restore the power supply to the city of Kostanai.  

KEGOC mobilized all necessary forces and means to address the emergency. In particular, 17 emergency recovery teams, including teams from the branches of Kostanai, Akmola, Karaganda and Pavlodar oblasts have started the their work. 

Under the current conditions, KEGOC will do everything possible to restore the reliable energy supply to the region affected by the disaster as soon as possible,” said Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, Chairman of the Management Board of KEGOC.