KEGOC is completing the repair campaign and is on its way to obtain a certificate of readiness for autumn-winter period


KEGOC is completing repair and operational work at power facilities of the National Power Grid (NPG) and plans to get a certificate of readiness for operation in autumn-winter period 2019-2020. 

KEGOC established a commission that now is verifying the readiness of NPG power facilities for operation in winter conditions. By October 4, 2019, all nine branches of the company shall submit relevant branch readiness certificates to the commission. The general certificate of readiness of KEGOC for operation in autumn-winter period of 2019-2020 is planned to be devised by October 14, 2019.

By that time, to maintain uninterrupted power supply to consumers, the company will complete repair of 610 electric grid facilities worth more than KZT 1.7 billion. Including 3,000 km of 220-1150 kV overhead power lines, more than 40 units of substation equipment, more than 350 units of vehicles and special mechanisms, as well as more than 100 buildings and structures.

To accomplish this task, the company engaged its qualified personnel provided with the necessary protective equipment, work clothing, tools and devices. Particular attention during the repair campaign was paid to strict adherence to safety regulations. The repair crews were provided with the necessary spare parts and materials. In order to eliminate accidents and in case of immediate departure, vehicles and special mechanisms were in constant readiness, and an emergency stock of fuels and lubricants was created.

Repair of the main equipment of substations and power lines was carried out in strict accordance with the shutdown schedule agreed with the System Operator, taking into account the state of the electrical network operation and the specified load parameters. According to the schedule, the repairs were carried out from April to September.