KEGOC ensured uninterruptible supply of Pavlodar region


 KEGOC completed the implementation of Pavlodar Electricity Transmission Reinforcement Project. 

- The project is important for social and economic development of Pavlodar oblast. The project implementation enabled the energy supplying and transmitting organizations to guarantee the electric power supply to the free economic zones created in the city of Pavlodar and Pavlodar oblast, - said Bakytkhan Zhazykbayev, Managing Director for Operations. 

In addition to the existing power transmission lines, connecting this region with the Unified Power System (UPS) of Kazakhstan between Promyshlennaya SS and EEC SS (Eurasian Energy Corporation), the new 220 kV OHTL was constructed.  

In addition, the project rehabilitated Pavlodarskaya SS with the upgrade to 220 kV. 220 kV OSG at EEC SS was rehabilitated. A number of other power facilities were constructed that create a ring of transmission lines of EEC - Pavlodarskaya SS - Promyshlennaya SS - EEC at 220 kV. 

Pavlodar Electricity Transmission Reinforcement Project significantly increased the reliability of power plant operations, and also electricity supply to consumers in the region. Pavlodarskaya CHPP-1, 2, 3 now can increase their electricity generation, which is important for the growing needs of the developing industrial cluster in Pavlodar. 

Another important outcome is the possibility of timely execution of the schedule for repair and maintenance of overhead lines included in the power distribution scheme of the Pavlodar energy centre and their connections, without the need to introduce restrictions for energy producing organizations of the Pavlodar energy centre (Pavlodar CHPP-1, 2, 3).

Earlier, the Pavlodar energy centre had a total electricity generation in the amount of 800 MW, consumed 600-650 MW, and transferred the excess capacity of 150-200 MW to the UPS of Kazakhstan. It was connected to the UPS of Kazakhstan via two 110 kV lines, which did not provide sufficient interconnection capacity and reliability of synchronous operation of Pavlodar energy centre with the UPS of Kazakhstan during scheduled or emergency shut down of lines.