KEGOC JSC was awarded the first place in the contest of the capital primary party organizations of Nur Otan Party


On 24 October 2016, the Astana city branch of Nur Otan Party summed up the results of 'The best the primary party organization' city contest and congratulated the winners. Our company was awarded the first place in the contest of the 2 category primary party organisations with the number of members from 100 to 500 people. 

'The best primary party organization' is the annual city contest  held to disseminate the experience of work in all regions of Kazakhstan and form a pool of the most competent and active chairmen of the primary party organizations (PPO) for their subsequent promotion to the party and other elective offices. The contest shall motivate and strengthen the activities of PPOs. 

17 PPOs of Astana city branch of Nur Otan Party were qualified for the contest, and it has shown that the PPOs are the real foundation of the central party apparatus. It provides reference for a realistic assessment of PPO performance. In recent years, the level of responsibility and involvement of PPOs in the party processes has increased dramatically. The number of new young party members is growing.

The jury members evaluated the PPO performance according the following criteria: Participation in the party projects; intraparty work; use of new approaches in the work of the party; initiation of the civil initiatives; advertisement of the PPO activity in the media; work with youth; and PPO's head performance.

At the end of the contest, the participants were awarded with valuable prizes, and the winners received their cups. In the first category (less then 100 party members), the first place was awarded to Teplotranzit PPO, the second, to Tungsh PPO, the third, to KazEngineering PPO. In the second category (from 100 to 500 party members) the first place was awarded to KEGOC PPO, the second place was shared by TsesnaBank PPO and Astana Zelenstroy PPO, and the third, to Republican Diagnostic Centre PPO. In the third category (more than 500 party members), the first place was awarded to International Airport PPO, the second, to Densaulyk PPO and the third, to the National Research Medical Center PPO.

The winners of the city contest will compete for the "Best of the primary party organization" at the national level.

Today Astana city branch of the party has more than 45 thousand party members and more than 350 primary party organizations.