KEGOC Participated in Annual Charity Event ‘Let’s Help Children Prepare for School’


     The Happy Childhood party project runs the annual charity event ‘Let’s help children prepare for school’, which provides a targeted support in acquiring school essentials for children from low-income and large families, orphaned children as well as children without parental care.

      As a primary party organization KEGOC once again supported this event and assisted in buying 50 school bags and necessary standard sets of office supplies to the total amount of KZT 750,000.

The school bags were handed over on August 22 this year in the Amusement Park, the Dolphin Park and the HappyWorksCity Park of Professions in the Happylon family entertainment center, MegaSilkWay shopping and leisure center.

      The event was attended by the Nur Otan Astana Branch management represented by itsFirst Deputy Chairman Bakhyt Saparov, Astana Happylon’s Regional Manager Lyazzat Tursynbaeva and KEGOC’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Chairman Bolatbek Omarov.

The schoolchildren were welcomed with sea animals, dolphins and a sea lion. The children were very pleased with the holiday and the gifts.

      KEGOC’s management thanks the Executive Administration, the NDC SO and Akmolinsky MES branches, JSC EnergoInform staff for their annual participation in the charity event and support for children from families experiencing financial difficulties.