Letter from the CEO to the company employees


Dear colleagues, as you know, our government uses its best efforts to prevent the large-scale spread of coronavirus among the population of Kazakhstan. 

Unfortunately, the virus is spreading fast and has reached almost all regions of the country. In this regard, the State Commission for Emergency Situations decided to tighten the quarantine conditions, primarily in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty, as the main sources of the virus spread. I believe the efforts of the local authorities of these cities are fully justified and well timed.

You know that to isolate a potential source of the virus, first, the quarantine conditions shall be applied to those, who contacted an infected person. Therefore, potentially any enterprise or institution may be quarantined, if someone of its employees is confirmed infected. 

At the same time, all these government efforts will not be effective, if the population, including everyone in our company, does not support them with our responsible quarantine behaviour: we shall strictly follow the authorities' requirements for self-isolation and self-discipline! 

Our management team is also doing its best to prevent the spread of the virus, including making most of our employees working remotely from their homes. All we need to do now is to stay at home and make sure that our loved ones do not go outside unless it is absolutely necessary and observe personal hygiene! 

The continuous operation of our company is vital for our country as we shall maintain reliable power supply to businesses and households.  In such a difficult time of national emergency, the importance of uninterrupted energy supply cannot be overestimated!  

And what is KEGOC? It is us, who never stepped back in the face of a challenge! Therefore, we cannot not allow loosing anyone to it, even for a while. 

In this regard, I urge everyone of you to strictly comply with the quarantine requirements! 

Our common safety is the responsibility of each of us! 

I strongly recommend you:

-Do not leave your home! And if you do, it shall be absolutely necessary, and you shall use protective masks and gloves (if possible)!

-Periodically wash your hands with antiseptic!

-Avoid unnecessary contacts both on the street and in the office!

Stay healthy and safe!


Sincerely yours,            

Bakytzhan Kazhiyev