On October 04, 2016 Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) conducted "The Issuer Day" for KEGOC.


By conducting "The Issuer Day" KASE wants to make investors more curious about issuers and establish feedback channels with shareholders.

According to Deputy Chairman of Management Board A. Tsalyuk, KASE plans to arrange such events on a regular basis for all issuers of the Exchange with liquid securities which might be interesting for investors".

The event saw participation of representatives of KEGOC, current market-makers for KEGOC shares: Freedom Finance, BCC Invest – subsidiary of Bank CenterCredit, and Tsesna Capital. Also, there were representatives of brokerage companies there that earlier took an active part in the "People's IPO", major shareholders of KEGOC and representatives of Kazakhstan's leading mass media.

Member of KEGOC's Management Board, Managing Director for Economy, Mr. A. Botabekov, held a speech on the company's 2015 and 1H 2016 performance, he spoke on current projects and targets for 2016, as well as on KEGOC development plans on the whole.

Also, Mr. Botabekov pointed out that "Taking into account shareholders' interests, in accordance with the company's dividend policy, the general meeting of shareholders due October 28, 2016, will consider the issue of dividends to shareholders based on 1H 2016 results in the amount of KZT6.5 bn, i.e. 40% of the net income, which means KZT24.93 per ordinary share".

Over the first half of 2016 KEGOC transmitted 18.5 bn KWt/h to customers. 1H 2016 revenues made up KZT61.9 bn, or 15.8% up on 2015 (KZT8.4 bn). 

In the first half of 2016, i.e. on June 30, 2016 KEGOC placed on KASE 3.9 mln bonds under 18.6 % per annum with a circulation term of 15 years to a total of KZT4 bn.