Outdoor team building activities: KEGOC celebrates the 22nd anniversary


This year, KEGOC, the largest power grid company in Kazakhstan, celebrated the 22nd anniversary. The company team celebrated in a large team building event under the motto of corporate values. 

It was named "Time of the leaders: KEGOC electrified 22.0” and was attended by more than 400 people. Employees from the central office, a branch of the National Dispatch Centre of the System Operator and the head offices of subsidiaries changed their traditional office environment to an open air of the nature site to show their corporate spirit and cohesion of a large friendly team. The employees and the management showed their commitment to the corporate values in all intellectual, sports, and creative activities. There were no managers or subordinates, just people and one goal, cooperation designed to boost eight basic personal qualities that symbolically are abbreviated into SHYAQ, which means ‘light’ in Kazakh.

According to the head of the company, Mr Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, the value of such meetings is that they unite the people and help them to learn how they can overcome various barriers. A strong corporate culture has always been a source of great pride for KEGOC’s team. It manifests itself in everything. Here at this event all of us are on equal footing. We all have the same opportunities, but each of us has a specific set of skills and talents. Like in usual business activities, we effectively use all these resources in games to achieve our goals. I believe is a great and useful experience of informal communication, - he noted.

According to the participants of the event and the organizing team, the idea to celebrate the day of the company in this format was a success. 

“It is remarkable that today we have here with us our colleagues from the regional branches, the agents of large-scale changes taking place in KEGOC. I believe that this event will help feel the strength of the corporate spirit and positive emotions, which will encourage them to continue engaging their colleagues in the processes of development and improvement,” says Aigul Baiturova, head of the Change Management Unit. 

The motivation for the Change Agents was boosted by the workshop held by Yury Proskurnya, an expert on change management invited from Moscow, and a personal meeting with Bakytkhan Zhazykbayev, the Managing Director for Operations, who discussed with the agents the current operation objectives and highlighted the importance of their mission. 

By the way, this year, all branches of KEGOC celebrated the day the company in a team building format, which may well become a good tradition.