As a primary party organization KEGOC fosters the Company’s corporate social responsibility


On 11 May 2018, the Nur Otan party head office held a meeting of the Council for Interaction with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). The event brought together the representatives of concerned governmental authorities, largest private and national companies and various non-governmental organizations from all regions of the country.

Nur Otan’s First Deputy Chairman Maulen Ashimbayev opened the meeting and spoke on the plans to modernize the party mainly aimed at high-quality transformation into an efficient, technological, modern and creative party for people. To that end, the party’s activities shall become as open as possible and the management shall be available and accessible to all. The meeting gave floor to all participants and ensured close cooperation between the government and social organizations.

The event invited socially responsible organizations and involved communities including KEGOC. As is known, the primary party organization in the Company was established in 2009 and today has 1,001 party members, including regional branches. The primary party organization focuses on supporting the party’s management initiatives, assisting in implementing the socially significant projects and achieving the strategic objectives.

Thus, KEGOC’s employees annually provide support to low-income and large families and orphaned children through the Road to School charitable campaign. The Company has registered 672 retired veterans of power industry including 49 veterans of the Great Patriotic War and equated persons.

The party’s 30% of members are young people under 30 being members of KEGOC’s Youth Council. Young party members actively participate in many projects, such as Salamatty Urpak, Astana is a City without Drugs, the Yerkin Pikir discussion club, the Youth. Energy. Innovation forum, various flash mobs, ideological and sporting events. Great attention is paid to the development of the state language among the Company’s employees. Training and testing under the Kaztest system take place on a regular basis. In addition, every year KEGOC’s humour contest show team participates in the competition for knowledge of the state language among national companies and takes winning places.

KEGOC gained a socially responsible company image through continuous support in addressing the social issues and challenges, and has been enjoying high confidence from the public sector. Thus, in 2016 the KEGOC primary party organization is recognized as the Best Primary Party Organization in Astana, and is invited for April this year to participate in the Best Social Projects in Kazakhstan show as a co-organizer and member of the supervisory committee to identify the best projects among non-governmental organizations.  

Taking into account the need for constant improvement of the social environment, KEGOC primary party organization continues its actions on achieving the set goals in accordance with the party’s main programme documents and the Company’s corporate mission.