Results of the extraordinary General Meeting of KEGOC's Shareholders


On 23 October 2020, an extraordinary general meeting of KEGOC's shareholders was held to review the following agenda:

1)Approval of the financial statements of KEGOC as of and for the six months ended 30 June 2020, the procedure for distributing the net income, decision to pay dividends on ordinary shares and approval of the amount of dividend per one ordinary share of KEGOC for H1 2020;

2)Approval of amendments to the Charter of KEGOC.

The extraordinary general meeting of KEGOC's shareholders approved:

-KEGOC's interim financial statements for H1 2020, according which the net consolidated income of the Company amounted to KZT 28,6 billion.

-the total amount of dividends to be paid, which amounted to KZT 20 billion for all holders of ordinary shares of the Company, which per ordinary share will amount to KZT 77,09 (seventy-seven tenge nine tiyn).

Also, the general meeting of shareholders of KEGOC approved amendments to KEGOC's Charter.

The list of the Company's shareholders, eligible for H1 2020 dividends on the ordinary shares of KEGOC, will be finalized at 00 hours 00 minutes on 29 October 2020. The dividend payment will start on 30 October 2020.