Results of Public Hearing


KEGOC reports that on July 30, 2019, hearings were held on the results of the first half of 2019 regarding the execution progress of the approved tariff estimates, the implementation of the approved investment programme, compliance with the quality and reliability standards of regulated services and the achievement of performance targets of KEGOC to consumers and other interested parties.

KEGOC's report covered:

-execution progress of investment programmes and investment projects including those approved by the authorized government body;

-key financial and economic performance  of natural monopoly operations in the reporting period;

-amount of regulated services provided during the reporting period;

-regulated services contract management.

-clause-by-clause execution progress of electricity transmission tariffs approved by an authorized government body

-future operations (development plan), including possible changes in the regulated service tariffs.

KEGOC’s report on the execution progress of approved tariffs estimates and investment programme including justifications.

Clarification of clause-by-clause execution of the tariffs 

KEGOC’s Progress report on the execution of approved tariffs estimates and investment programme for H1 2019 

Substantiation on each of subclauses of Clause 13 of the Rules