Security is everyone’s responsibility!


On 4 and 5 May, a meeting and a workshop supervised by Kanat Ayapbergenov, Head of the Occupational Health Department, were held at the Executive Administration for specialists of Occupational Health Department (OHD) and heads of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) services in MES branches.

The Head of the Occupational Health Department spoke on further steps in implementing the Action Plan on the improvement of OHS management system for 2018-2019 and application of modern approaches to the safety culture changes.

On the first day of the workshop Programme, the heads of OHS services reported on the results of works executed in the branches in Q1 2018  relating to the occupational health, operational  safety and environment. 

In the second half of the day, the heads of OHS services were trained on the 'Best World Security Management Approaches'. The training discussion addressed safety management principles, OHS management system elements and the integrated safety management structure with the risk-oriented management approach from reactive to proactive safety management applied in the companies - leaders in security. Nikolai Garmayev, The Co-head of the Occupational Health Department, was the trainer of the workshop. He has extensive operational and practical experience in the introduction and implementation of new approaches to managing the operational safety.

The next day of the workshop Programme, participants were trained on the 'Rules for investigating accidents and incidents, and reporting on occupational safety and health at KEGOC' approved in April. Participants of the workshop gained the knowledge and skills of incident investigation and developed them during practical exercises so that to apply at work.

The workshop participants positively assessed the workshop organization and suggested that additional training should be carried out for the employees of operations divisions in the branches as 'Security is everyone’s responsibility'.