We are the future managers. We will be responsible for the development of the country


“Uly Dala Zhastary” - this was the motto of Astana constituent meeting of the Youth Council of Samruk-Kazyna organized by the Social Relations and Communications Centre. A delegation of young promising specialists from 10 branches and the central office of the company, and Energoinform, its subsidiary, joined the Youth Council.

These days many industries and services have their processes automated. Every day, special systems process the business data converting them in huge databases. The speakers from the national companies at “Digitization: a ticket to the future or an illusion?” panel session, talked about digitalization trends, young personnel development, and the knowledge and skills required of the employees in the future.  According to the participants of the event, in the near future, IT specialists will not be some exclusive experts any more. The digitalization will become a part of everyday life of people of all ages in all areas. And it is absolutely true that IT skills and knowledge will become one of each person’s soft skills. 

In a special block “It is good where we are”, the experts in international education, political science, and analytical research discussed the “brain drain” problem and its gravity. They were however quite optimistic about its manageability. For instance the famous blogger, political scientist, Talgat Kaliyev, was quite positive that the young people studying and working abroad will someday return to Kazakhstan to support the development of the country with their skills, knowledge, and experience.

The participants from 14 national companies also palyed an intellectual game called "PRIME Games". They were challenged with complex logical problems, musical puzzles and showed the remarkable intellect and wit.  In three quize-intense stages, KEGOC's team won the silver medal, losing only to the team of Samruk Kazyna. The silver medallists decided give their cash prize for the purchase of New Year gifts for orphans. According to the captain of the team, chief dispatcher of National Dispatch Centre, Bekzhan Mukatov, this decision was unanimous. “We do not think we did something special. We just wanted to share our holiday attitude and joy with others.”