Sustainability Reports


"Annual Report 2019" "KEGOC has published Sustainability Reports annually for eleven years (since 2009). This Annual Report of KEGOC for 2019 is an experiment of developing an integrated Annual Report, i.e. it is a comprehensive review of the Company's activities in all key areas, including the sustainable development. This Annual Report has been developed in accordance with Corporate Governance Code of KEGOC, the requirements of the Listing Rules of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and in accordance with the GRI Standards (Core Option)."

Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability Report 2017

Sustainability Report 2016

Sustainability Report 2015

KEGOC annually publishes the Sustainability Reports so that all interested parties have the opportunity to get full information about our economic, environmental, and social performance.

We are sure that the best results can be achieved through an open and constructive dialogue.

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